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The documentary presents seven urban gardening projects in Berlin (community gardens, intercultural gardens, roof gardens, also “guerrilla gardening”). The film focuses on the personal view of the urban gardeners, their visions as well as their concrete projects experimenting with a new way of “alternative” city planning. The citizens would like to change their cities in order to make them greener, to cultivate their own food and to work in intercultural communities. Besides the social aspect, they are also encouraged by political commitment, which in the long run aims at developing new concepts of urban life. The filmmaker wishes to raise awareness about the gardeners’ commitment and the possibility of civic participation in towns.

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Short information:
Language: German and English
Lenght: 35min
Format: FullHD (16:9)
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English trailer

"Speaking Gardens" @ ARTE CREATIVE

New Screenings

Coming soon: Spanish version and screenings in Italy...

Last Screenings

19.05.2017, Screening within Bicycle-Cinema at "Green Medical District", Halle Saale, Germany

12.05.2017, Screening at "Speisekino" ZK/U, Berlin, Germany

20.01.-29.01.2017, Screening within International Green Week Berlin

15.12.2016, Screening within Wurzel.Bildung, Thinkfarm (ALTE MU Impuls - Werk e.V.), Kiel

07.11.2016, Screening within the urban gardening project „Grün bis Bunt", Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Rostock, Germany

29.10.2016, Screening within film series „Urban Gardening“, Kinemathek Hamburg/ Metropolis Kino Hamburg, Germany

19.01.2016 - 14.05.-30.07.2016 - Screening within the exhibition „Grüne Stadt“, Goethe-Institut, Warschau

19.01.2016 - Screening within "Interkulturellen Garten Lichtenberg", Umweltkontaktstelle, Berlin

04.12.2015 - Screening within »(Stadt)gärtnern im Klimawandel«, Alte Zollgarage, Berlin

03.12.2015 - Screening within the "Stadtnatur-Filmfestes Berlin", Museum Pankow

24.10.2015 - Golgi Park: Umundu Action Day, European Center of Art Dresden, Dresden

12./13.09.2015 - Golgi Park: Open Gardens Hellerau, European Center of Art Dresden Dresden, Dresden

20.05.-31.07.2015 - Screening within the exhibition "Helden der Stadt", Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen

14.06.2015 - QUER BEET KIEL, FahrradKinoKombinat, Kiel

06.06.2015 - Filmfestival "Green Unplugged"

26.04.2015 - Screening within the talk "In die Stadt oder aufs Land. Wo leben wir besser?" von PD Dr. Scholze-Irrlitz, Helmholtz-Humboldt-Sonntagsvorlesung, Potsdam

23.04.2015 - Screening within the exhibition "Stadtnatur", municipal museum Halle

29.03.2015 - municipal garden H17, Leipzig

11.03.2015 - Die grüne Stadt/The green city, Architecture film series at Spitäle, Würzburg

24.02.2015 - Lichtblick cinema, Berlin

07.11.2014 - Initiative Essbare Stadt Böblingen

12.08.2014 - Freiluftfilm, Ermekeilgarten, Bonn

21.05.2014 - Exhibition "Raum der grünen Vielfalt", Umweltbundesamt, Dessau

10.05.2014 - Long Night of the Science, Freie Universität Berlin

03.05.2014 - Das Japanische Haus e.V., Leipzig

31.03.2014 - Soned e.V. K19, Berlin

07.03.2014 - Himmelbeet, Berlin

02.03.2014 - share house "Ikefukurou", Tokyo, Japan

26.02.2014 - venue Mathallen, Oslo, Norwegen

13.02.2014 - Film Festival Boddinale, Berlin

06.02.2014 - Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN OV, Stuttgart

10.01.2014 - POOL #0.25, Nagasaki, Japan

29.10.2013 - Days of Interculturel Dialog, Berlin

17.09.2013 - Tropics Day 2013, Film Festival on Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, Stuttgart

14.09.2013 - Experimentdays 13, Berlin


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